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But if unfortunately, there is no computer available, can you factory reset an iPhone without a computer? The answer is NO, but you can use a similar way - reset your iPhone to achieve the same goal. Before you go into the details of resetting, it's necessary for you to know the difference between a reset and a restore (as shown below) How to hard reset iPhone via Erase all Contents and Settings: Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings. Step 2: You'll receive a prompt asking you to confirm if you want to continue. Tap on Erase yet again. Step 3: Now, your iPhone will reset and restart as if it were brand new How to Reset iPhone on Computer without Password and iTunes. Step 1. First, make sure the FoneCope iPhone Data Eraser is on PC. Then run it and connect the iPhone to the PC with USB cable. Step 2. Then select the Erase All Data mode from the left 4 modes and click the Erase button Enter your Apple ID and password - you do not need your iPhone passcode, but you will need access to your Apple account. Select your iPhone from the drop-down list of devices. Click Erase iPhone and then confirm your decision. You can now access your iPhone, create a new passcode, and restore your data

How-To APPL with a tutorial on how to factory reset your iPhone without a computer. ⬇️ LIKE THE MERCH? ⬇️https://howtoappl.com/shop/ MY SETUP: * Colore.. For example, you can use this trick for how to reset iPhone without computer. Here is how the hack goes: Press and hold the Home button on your phone. This will activate Siri, and you need to ask What is the time Click on the settings icon from the iPhone's app drawer Step 2. Choose General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings Step 3

If your iPhone is disabled or locked, and iTunes is not accessible for you, Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is the best solution. It is able to erase all content and settings permanently. Moreover, this iPhone reset tool is rather easy to use. The only demand is that you have connected your iPhone to computer with Trust enabled Choose Reset All Content and Settings and enter your password > Tap on Erase iPhone to confirm. Method 2. How to Restore iPhone/iPad without Computer via iCloud If you just get a new iPhone iPad or want to restore iPhone iPad from a previous backup, then you can try iCloud to complete the job Way 1: Hard Reset iPhone with Home and Power Button. When iPhone buttons are available, this way is one of the easiest methods to restore iPhone to factory settings without passcode. Step 1: Press and hold the Home button (at the bottom of iPhone) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the iPhone) simultaneously

Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes. In Summery tab, click Restore iPhone option and then Restore in the popup confirmation window. Wait for the process to complete and you can access to iPhone without passcode. After restore, you can click Restore Backup in iTunes to restore iPhone from latest backup file Reset iPhone Without Passcode and Computer via Find My iPhone To use this method, make sure you have had the Find My iPhone feature enabled on your iPhone. Then, you'll need to prepare a device with a fast and reliable internet connection. Note, this will remove all of your data and settings on your iPhone remotely

Steps to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode Step 1. Download and install iMyFone LockWiper on your PC/Mac. Launch the program, click the Unlock Screen Passcode tab iCloud enables its users to reset their iPhone without passcode or computer. One of the Find My Phone?functions?is?to?assist in resetting the phone. Find My Phone's primary purpose was to facilitate users to find their stolen or lost iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. However, this feature also helps to reset the phone without the need for a passcode iPad with Home Button. Hold the Home and Side/Lock buttons simultaneously until the Recovery Mode screen appears. iPad without Home Button. Press the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button, then hold the Top/Lock button until the Recovery Mode screen appears

3 Solutions to Factory Reset an iPhone Without a Computer

Part 1: Reset iPhone Without Passcode and Computer: Why Do We Need to Hard Reset There are also several other reasons as to why you will be needing to perform a hard reset on your iPhone device aside from the fact that you are having trouble with your passcode and you do not have access to your computer Tap Erase iPhone or Erase iPad and then confirm Erase. There are the above options to factory reset your iPhone without a passcode or computer. Choose the best for your convenience. If you got a transferred iPhone or iPad without passcode or without knowing Apple ID and password Resetting your iPhone without a computer is very easy and simple. However, a backup is needed to be done if you want to keep all of your data in your compute.. Part 1: Reset iPhone Without Passcode and Computer: Why Do We Need to Hard Reset. There are also several other reasons as to why you will be needing to perform a hard reset on your iPhone device aside from the fact that you are having trouble with your passcode and you do not have access to your computer Step 3: Once you log in, click on Find iPhone.. Step 4: You'll be redirected to a new page where you must Select All Devices. The option will be at the top of the browser window. Step 5: When you click the dropdown menu under Select All Devices, you will see your iPhone that needs resetting on the list

How to Hard Reset iPhone Without Using Computer [Must Know

How do I Reset iPhone without Password and Computer

Below is an example of using Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) to factory reset your iOS device quickly and easily. Step 1: Download and install the Dr.Fone on your computer. Once done, launch the application and choose Erase. Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. When the program detects it, select Erase Full Data Other reset methods Option 1: Reset and recover data. You can reset your passcode without data loss using a third-party software tool such as Lockwiper.You can also recover data from your device if it has been wiped using D-Back iPhone Data Recovery.. Neither of these tools is created or endorsed by Apple but do have their place in an emergency such as forgetting your passcode In fact there are different ways to reset your iPhone without the computer. You can utilize the sleep/wake and home button commonly known as hard reset. Furthermore, you can also use factory reset your iPhone using the reset option under settings on your iPhone. For this case we will show you how to reset using this later method

Hard Reset iPhone 5: restore Apple smartphone

Part 3: How to Factory Reset iPhone without iCloud; Part 1: How to Factory Reset iPhone without Computer. In case, if you do not have a laptop or computer in hand, there is still a way of factory resetting iPhone without computer! You can perform reset on your iPhone by erasing down the contents and settings available at your device. Just. Reset iPhone without Passcode or Computer via Find My iPhone. For this method to be useful to you, you must have enabled Find my iPhone on your device and it must be connected to the internet. This method will essentially allow you to erase the device remotely. Here's how to do it

How to Reset an iPhone Without a Passcode (and Computer

Question: Q: reset iphone 4 without computer I need to reset an iphone my sister gave me because she forgot her password she doesnt care about the data she just needs it reset and without a pc because she doesnt have one any help or suggestions are appreciated thanks!! 4. Factory Reset iPhone Using a Third-Party App. While a third-party app might be your last resort when trying to factory reset your iPhone, it's an option to consider if you don't have access to iTunes anymore. Using a third-party app is also good if you're looking for ways how to factory reset iPhone without a password Is it somehow possible to reset iPhone without iTunes? My iPhone 6s is frozen and I don't want to use iTunes, it sucks and hard to use. Can someone tell me how to reset the iPhone without iTunes? Thanks a lot! Many people encounter such problems and wonder if it is possible to reset the iPhone without iTunes. Here I should say, yes! And I will. Unlock iPhone without Passcode or Computer Using Siri. Most people don't know it, but you can easily unlock your device using Siri. The process is actually quite simple as these simple steps demonstrate: Click on the Home button on your iPhone to activate Siri Locate your iPhone on your computer. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. The Finder or iTunes will download software for your iPhone. If it takes more than 15 minutes, your iPhone will exit recovery mode, and you'll need to select your iPhone model above and repeat the steps to remove the passcode

In this guide how to Factory reset iPhone without passcode or security PIN. As we know, Apple does not compromise with customer privacy and security. For some reasons if you plan to factory reset your iPhone from Settings > General > Reset, you should enter iPhone passcode to proceed further (some time it may ask you to enter iCloud restrictions passcode usually it should be four digits) If you need to restore your iPhone from iTunes/iCloud backup without computer, you have to perform the factory reset first. Part 2. How to Reset iPhone without Passcode. Reset the iPhone will erase all the data stored on the device. It is suggested to back up your iPhone data in advance so that you can restore your data after resetting Hard Reset iPhone Without Computer Below is a step by step guide on how to hard reset iPhone without a computer. Before you use this method, you must make sure that you have backed up you iPhone's data and contacts. Once this is done, you are good to go. Step 1: Switch on your iPhone. On your iPhone's Home screen, click Settings Part 2. Reset iPhone without Apple ID Password by iOS Unlock. There's also a good way to use FoneCope iOS Unlock to remove Apple ID without passcode and reset your iPhone. As a professional unlocking tool, it explores a variety of factors that can cause the iPhone locked, providing an easy way to reset the iPhone without Apple ID

How to Soft Reset iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/5s

HOW TO: Factory Reset an iPhone (Without Computer) - YouTub

Follow these steps to learn how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer. Go to iCloud's website on any device. If you have an iOS device, then just launch the Find iPhone app. Sign-in to the same account that is linked to the locked iPhone. From. How to hard reset iphone without password or computer By Adrian Grahams Setting a password for your Apple iPhone can protect your data and prevent unauthorized calls if the phone is lost or stolen. Anyone who tries to use the iPhone must enter the correct password, known as a passcode on the iPhone, as soon as they switch on or wake up the device

5 Methods to Factory Reset iPhone without Password Efficiently

How to Reset iPhone Without Passcode and Compute

  1. To reset your iPhone without a computer, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Then tap Erase Now and enter your iPhone passcode. Finally, enter your Apple ID password and tap Erase. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. So let us learn how to reset iPhone 7 without password using the Recovery Mode option: Step 1: Using the USB pr lightning cable, connect your PC and the affected iPhone 7/ 7 (Plus). Step 2: Launch iTunes on your PC and switch off your iPhone using the power button once you have connected your.
  3. Extra Tips to Reset iPhone 8 to Factory Settings without Passcode: Above is the simplified description of ways to Factory reset iPhone 8 without passcode or iTunes. But if they do not appeal to you for some reason or you have trouble applying the passcode, you can use the iTunes method. Tip 1: Factory Reset iPhone 8 Without Passcode Via iTune
  4. Factory Reset iPad without Passcode and Computer (Using Find My iPhone) Once getting your iPad locked, you cannot enter the iOS device without submitting the same password. But what if you made quite a strong passcode for your iPad to secure the critical data inside but somehow forgot the same
  5. In this post, we'll show you 2 effective methods to unlock iPhone passcode without computer. Plus, we also provide some possible ways for people who have once synced it. Part 1. How to Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer; Part 2. How to Unlock iPhone Passcode with Computer; Part 1.1 How to Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer - Using Sir
  6. How to Factory Reset iPhone 12 . If you want to return your iPhone to its brand-new state, the way it came out of the box, you need to factory reset iPhone 12. You should do this before sending your iPhone in for service or selling your iPhone, or when you need to solve

Before we highlight a few different approaches that can help you factory reset iPhone 8 even without passcode, we should mention why someone would want to do that in the first place. First and foremost, you might want to do this to protect your data when you want to sell your iPhone 8 Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode Using iTunes. In case you've previously synced your iPhone or iPad with iTunes and haven't restart your device after the last iTunes connection, Connect your iPhone to the computer that you previously synced with. 2. Open iTunes How to reset a disabled iphone without computer Accessing Siri is the first thing that comes to the minds of iOS users every time they are lying outside their iPhone. You may be surprised, but you can also take Siri's help unlocking your phone. The first solution to learn how to unlock a disabled iPhone without a computer involves using Siri Also Read: How To Restore iPhone From iCloud Without Resetting Solution 1: Contact To Previous Owner To Factory Reset Your iPhone Remotely. If you got a second hand iPhone but at the time of purchasing you forgot to check the iPhone's data are erased or not and the seller forgot to sign out from iCloud account or Apple ID Tutorial: How to Hard Reset iPhone without Computer. Note: No matter you want to hard reset iPhone with or without computer, you are highly suggested to make a phone backup of important files saved on your iPhone in case of unwanted data losses. Then you might want to know: * Backup iPhone with/without iTunes * Back up iPhone to iCloud. After.

The iPhone is disabled and asks to connect to iTunes. What a terrible thing it is! How can I unlock it without iTunes? Don't worry, here in this article, we will discuss three situations as well as the solutions to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or Computer.. Case 1: How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone without iTune Then itunes will reset iphone without passcode, which means itunes will delete all of your iphone data, settings, apps, including the password. Choose email authentication, then choose next. The full guide works on various situations, like without apple id or password, iphone disabled, without computer, without iphone, etc 2.3 Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Passcode through iTunes There's another solution to factory reset iPhone 6 without passcode. Before you start, make sure that the iPhone 6 you are using have been backed up to iTunes via a computer

How to Reset iPhone 5 Without Password. Connect the USB cord with your computer, however, remember to leave the phone end free. After that hold down the Power and Home button to switch off your iPhone. Now keep pressing the home button of iPhone 5 and connect it with the free end of the USB cable. This will cause your phone to automatically. If not necessary, then just go ahead and reset your iPhone. Reset in this case means ERASE EVERYTHING to return to factory default. 4. Wait for a while, it can take up to and hour to reset. The computer downloads the latest iOS and then deploys it on the phone. When done, your iPhone should turn on, clean from all it's data

How to Factory Reset iPhone without Computer

  1. Before You Start a Factory Reset on Your iPhone XR. A factory reset will irretrievably delete all of your files, your apps, your contacts, your preferences. So before you go through with it, you want to make sure that your files are safely stored on an external device. The best way to perform this kind of backup is to use iTunes on your computer
  2. Steps to Reset a Stolen iPhone without iTunes: Step 1. Launch UkeySoft FoneEraser on Mac Install and launch UkeySoft FoneEraser on your Mac computer, then connect your stolen iPhone with computer via Apple USB cable. To quickly reset stolen iPhone passcode, please select Erase All Data mode on the interface of the program
  3. To restore iPhone without iTunes or Computer follow the steps below: When the iPhone is booting up after a reset, two backup options should show up under the screen 'Apps & Data'. Tap on 'Restore from iCloud Backup'. Log in to iCloud using your previous iCloud credentials, and the iPhone will begin downloading the last stored iCloud backup
  4. Factory Reset iPhone without password - Put your iPhone in Recovery mode first. After you connect to iTunes the iPhone, you'll see errors like iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode.You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes

How to Backup/Restore iPhone without iTunes. How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode With/Without iTunes. Part 1: Restore iPhone System Without iTunes (Video Tutorial Included) When your iPhone is stuck at recovery mode, DFU mode or is disabled after entering a wrong passcode for too many times, you may need to factory reset your iPhone with iTunes Part 1. The ways to hard reset iPhone 6S without the help of iTunes. Thanks to a built-in Reset option in iOS, it makes you can reset the iPhone without iTunes and even have no need to make a connection between iPhone and your computer For such miserable times, getting stuck out of your iPhone can be devastating. Here are some simple, quick, and easy fixes to unlock iPhone without iTunes or computer: Part 1. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer by Using iCloud; Part 2. Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer by Using Siri Bug; Extra Tips. Tip 1. Best Way to Unlock iPhone. There are multiple reasons why you might want to reset your iPhone SE.Maybe you're having some trouble with the UI of your phone, or are stuck on an app without being able to go back to the home. Part 2. How to Fix Disabled iPhone without iTunes (Restore to Factory Settings) Part 3. How to Reset Disabled iPhone without iTunes (Wipe All Content and Settings) Part 4. How to Fix Disabled iPhone by with iTunes (DFU or Recovery Mode) Part 5. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without Computer (iCloud Erase iPhone) Part 6. Bonus Tip of Fixing.

4 Ways to Factory Reset iPhone without iTune

  1. ⚠ If it doesn't work, learn how to Factory Reset Locked/Disabled iPhone via DFU Mode. How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone without iTunes. To Unlock a Disable iPhone, you can do it by restore iPhone firmware with iOS System Recovery. Step 1 Download and Install iOS System Recovery on your computer. Launch it after the installation
  2. Is it possible to a hard reset iPhone 7 without passcode? An iPhone may be locked or disabled due to various reasons even if it does not have a passcode. However, it is easier to hard reset your iPhone if your power and home button are working properly. Hard resetting takes only a few simple steps even when your device has no passcode restrictions
  3. Hard Reset Oppo A53 (Cph2127) Remove Pattern/Pin/Password || without computer || without Ips Pinout; September 19, 2020 Buka pola oppo A12 cph2083 tanpa bongkar /tanpa ribet; August 19, 2020 Cómo desbloquear PAYJOY en CUALQUIER SAMSUNG September 3, 2020 unlock Oppo A9 2020 CPH1937 Via MBR Soft V3.4.50; August 16, 202
  4. Your disabled iPhone has been unlocked without iTunes successfully. Your device will now be brand new. Part 2. Factory Reset Locked/Disabled iPhone by Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone can be used to locate a lost iPhone as well as to lock the device to prevent unwanted access to personal data, and can be used to factory reset locked iPhone
  5. Even if the iPhone 3GS is still a trustworthy smartphone powered by a very stable OS it can still sometimes show signs of fatigue. We're going to show you how to reset the iPhone 3GS to factory settings. This is mostly needed when you feel that the overall flow is a bit slow and you're craving for the agility once had, or if you unfortunately find yourself stuck at Apple logo
  6. Way 1: Factory reset iPhone 6s with iCloud to bypass password. Without password or iTunes, you can take advantage of iCloud to restore iPhone. But you should know the iPhone iCloud account and its.
  7. Hard Reset An iPhone Without Using A Computer Jul 11, 2016 05:19 am / Posted by irefone A hard reset can help if your phone is frozen, and won't cause you to lose the data on your phone

We've learned a lot about the iPhone over the years, but it's good to have a strong grasp on the basics. Here's a simple guide on how to reset your iPhone Part 2: How to factory reset iPhone without computer; Part 3: How to do a factory reset on iPhone without password - with iTunes. Part 1: How to reset iPhone to factory settings without iTunes. In this part, we will share two solutions to help you make iPhone to factory reset without iTunes How to Force Restart iPhone (Other Models) A force restart or hard reset restarts the phone and refreshes the memory that apps run in. It doesn't delete data but it does help the iPhone start from scratch. When you need to force restart an older iPhone model (except iPhone 7; that's in the next section), follow these steps Video tutorial on how to hard reset or force restart your iPhone 12: Using the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone, connect the device to your computer. and restore the OS without. Method 1: How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID by Using iTunes If you have a computer running the latest version of iTunes, then you can easily reset your iPhone by using this method. Before you proceed, however, it is highly recommended that you take a backup of all your data, preferably to iCloud

The short answer is no. With a broken screen, you only have two options: 1. Via Find My iPhone (on iCloud.com/#find or the iOS app) 2. By putting your device in. jailbreak iOS 12.1.4 without a Computer. Now you can Jailbreak your iPhone online, no need for any software to install, so you can do that by time2jailbreak after jailbreaking your phone you can install any kind of Apps on your phone. make more modification or even this jailbreak make your phone faster. you gain to install the third pay apps that are available on the App Store. you will be. Does the iPhone belong to you? Coming from the wife of a sex addict who was unwilling to admit to anything unless it was in black and white, there is no judgement from me. If it is your phone, follow these steps. If not, let me know and we will go.. Tap Reset Settings to reset your trusted computers. What if I can't reset the Trust This Computer settings? If your iPhone or iPad still connects to computers without asking you to trust them first, you might need to take more extreme steps to reset your settings. Sometimes this happens when there's a bug in your device's operating software This goes directly from the device (iPhone, iPad, Mac etc.) All you need is the device passcode (or Mac system password); sometimes it can even be done without the passcode. The iCloud Keychain is always stored in the cloud (not just synced across devices as would be possible without two-factor authentication). Theoretically, it is accessible.

How to Restore iPhone/iPad without Computer [2 Methods

Part 1: How to Erase iPhone without Passcode with iOS Unlock. If you don't want to use iTunes or iCloud, and want to reset your iPhone without a password directly, you can try the iOS Unlock.It allows you to remove the passcode on your iPhone, iPad or iPod without having to enter it actually You can also connect to a computer to erase all the data on your iPhone like a factory reset, using a third-party app designed to unlock an iPhone. You can factory reset your iPhone without your. Part 4: Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone/iPad without Computer. You can also restore the iPhone and remove forgotten Restriction passcode without a computer. Note: To avoid data loss, it is highly recommended that you backed up iPhone to PC with iOS Data Backup & Restore before restoring the device

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If you forget the lock screen password of iPhone, how to factory reset iPhone without the password? Under such circumstance, users can draw support from Renee iPassFix. After unlocking the password, Connect target iPhone to computer and then select [Remove Device Passcode]. 3 Begin by backing up all your data on iTunes or iCloud and remove your SIM card and SD card before beginning the restore. If you do not have a computer at hand and you are trying to fix a problem on your iPhone 4S that requires you to restore your computer to factory settings then follow these steps: Go to the Settings menu of your iPhone Tap on General Look for Reset and tap on it Tap on Erase. Factory reset an iPhone X using iTunes. If your phone is completely unresponsive or you feel more comfortable using iTunes, you can perform a factory reset on your iPhone by connecting it to your computer. On your computer, open iTunes. At the top, click on the iPhone icon. In the sidebar, make sure you're on the Summary page How to Unlock an iPhone Without the Passcode. Contents. How to Unlock Your iPhone ; If you forgot your passcode, you might have to reset your iPhone to factory settings. This means you would lose your data, including your phone numbers, photos, Plug the cable into your computer, but not your iPhone Method 1: Reset Locked iPhone without Password via UkeySoft Unlocker. Forgot iPhone passcode and locked out of iPhone? UkeySoft Unlocker is the wise choice for resetting the locked iPhone without a password. It is capable of factory resetting locked iPhone without iCloud or iTunes.The software can easily bypass any kind of passcode on iPhones and iPads, such as 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Touch.

Top 5 Ways to Reset iPad without Password/Passcode- Dr[2019 New] How to Reset Locked iPhone without Passcode

Method 2: Restore iPhone without Updating Using the Recovery Mode. With the help of the recovery mode, you can restore your iPhone without updating iOS. If you have an iPhone 7 or later versions, you can follow these steps to restore your device. On iPhone 7 or Newer Devices: Plug your iPhone into your computer to create backup with iTunes Most of the time, to reset an iPhone, Situation 1 Erase your iPhone without screen passcode. All you need is to plug your iPhone into a computer and launch iPhone Unlocker. The program will then take a few minutes to erase your iPhone. Let's see how it works Then iTunes will reset iPhone without passcode, which means iTunes will delete all of your iPhone data, settings, apps, including the password. These methods also work for almost all iOS users to reset iPhone passcod, refer to the article iPhone is Locked to get more details on how to reset your iPhone without password Method 2 : Reset iPhone without passcode using iTunes backup: Connect your device to PC and wait for it to sync. All your data will be saved on the PC. Now, select Restore from the option on iTunes. Your Phone will boot up after reset is completed. Note this only works on trusted computer; Method 3: Reset iPhone without passcode from iCloud. Using Dr.Fone to Reset iPhone Without iTunes Step #1 . Step #2 . Step #3 . Note: if you haven't done so already then now is the best time for you to connect your iPhone to your computer... Step #4 . After reading the details, click on the Erase button. Step #5 . Enter the word delete into the.

Three Ways to Hard Reset iPhone with or without Passcod

Steps for how to recover photos from iPhone after factory reset without backup files. Connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB digital cable, making sure your iPhone is detected by your computer successfully. If not, please disconnect the iPhone and try again. Don't forget to tap the trust the computer on your iPhone. Step 1 Way 3: How to Hard Reset iPhone X without Power Button If the buttons are not working or broken with your device, you can resort to a freeware UltFone iOS System Repair (ReiBoot) to perform a hard reset on iPhone X. Simply connect your iPhone with it and click Enter Recovery Mode then Exit Recovery Mode later to refresh system 1. iPhone Passcode Reset without Knowing Passcode iPhone password is a direct and simple way to prevent data disclosure from people who want to access your iPhone without permission. Apple Store supports services to reset passcode on iPhone for people who are able to provide IMEI code, proof of purchase or something else To successfully reset your iPhone without an Apple password, follow through with the following steps: First, download and install the UnlockGo software on a computer. After installation is complete, launch the software. Select the 'Unlock Apple ID mode' and then proceed to connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer through a USB cable

5 Different Ways to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

To reset the password on your iPhone X, you'll need to erase the iPhone. Connect your iPhone X to the computer. Open iTunes and enter the passcode if asked, choose Update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. Wait while iTunes downloads the software for your device Step 1: Free download EelPhone iPhone Unlock in your computer, launch it and you can see Unlock Apple ID from the left. Step 2: Before clicking on Start to Unlock , you should look at the warming carefully. That's why we should backup iPhone to computer. Step 3: Connect your iDevice to your computer, and you should trust computer and enter iPhone passcode to unlock iPhone screen How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID. Follow the steps to put your iPhone in DFU mode which allows you to update firmware and iOS without entering your Apple ID. Now, let's see how to reset your iPhone to factory defaults by entering into DFU mode. Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer and connect iPhone to the computer with a USB cable After the iPad reset to factory settings, your passcode will be removed simultaneously. Part 2. How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode with Find My iPhone As long as you have enabled Find My iPhone/iPad option on your iPad, you can get extra opportunity to factory reset an iPad. It allows you to remotely restore iPad without passcode.

Part 2: Reset iPhone without Apple ID Using iTunes. Alternatively, a locked iPhone device can be reset through the use of iTunes. iTunes is only applicable in cases where an iPhone device never had Find my phone enabled. The latest version of iTunes, in this case, it is recommended to evade challenges during installation. Step 1 Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a computer. If your iPhone gets hung up on the Apple logo or a solid-color screen when forcing it to restart, you can try using your PC or Mac to repair it without losing data. Start by connecting the iPhone to the computer using its charging cable. Step 2: Open Finder (Mac) or iTunes (PC) How to Restore iPhone Without iTunes. There are different reasons why you may want to restore iPhone. If you plan to sell your phone you will want to restore it to factory settings and erase all data.You may also want to restore your iPhone from a backup. iPhones are smart devices that store tons of data including but not limited messages, emails, contacts photos, app data, web data and app data Part 1: How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID by Using iTunes . If you have never synchronized with iTunes or you had not activated the option Find My iPhone, the ultimate solution we have, and the more laborious is to put your iPhone in Recovery mode. To do this you must take the following steps. Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer with USB.

Why does my iPhone 6s keep running out of storage space

Backup your iPhone: After resetting iPhone, all the data which is present on your iPhone will get deleted.Make sure that you have created backup of all the data which is present on your iPhone.; Remove Sim Card: Also, remove the SIM card present in your iPhone before you reset iPhone 5S device.; How to Hard Reset iPhone 5s with or without Passcod 2nd option - How to hard reset iPhone 7 using iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus to your computer and launch iTunes. Allow iTunes to detect your iPhone 7. Once detected, click on the iPhone button. Under the 'Summary' tab, click 'Restore iPhone'. iTunes will now ask you to backup your iPhone 7 How to reset an iPhone: Just plug it into the computer and click the small device icon in iTunes. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission Connect your iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable or 30-pin cable and open iTunes. 2. Overall, it should like a good way to get some of your data back if you can't manage to reset your passcode without destroying everything on your device. You do need to have a computer (Mac or PC). How to Reset iTunes Password on iPhone Apart from those who forgot iTunes password, another group of people who just want to change iTunes password in case of oblivion. Therefore, this part will be divided into two aspects: reset iTunes password on iPhone with password and reset iTunes password on iPhone without password

How to Download iCloud Backup to Computer? Restore Photos from iPhone without iCloud Backup. Part 2. Official Way to Recover from iCloud Backup with Reset. Firstly, you can learn the official way to restore iDevice from iCloud, which will reset iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can do this directly on your device with the guide as below. Step 1 How To Reset iPhone with iTunes. Sometimes a user of iPhone goes through difficulty while using their iPhone and that could be because of various reasons or an unfound problem and when you're facing a software or hardware trouble with your phone the one thing which you shall do is to reset your iPhone Part 2: Reset a Forgotten iCloud Password on Computer. Option 1. From Email Authentication. If you remember your Apple ID and your recovery email then resetting your iCloud password is just like a piece of cake. If you are wondering how to unlock Apple ID on iPhone without password,.

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