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Vilken allroundkaliber ska man välja,

Lika för lika så skulle jag nog säga att det är ingen skillnad i egenprecision mellan 308 och 30-06. Däremot avslöjar 30-06 obönhörligen dålig skjutteknik vilket 308 långt mer som regel förlåter Visst kan man hävda att en 30-06 kan skjuta lite tyngre kulor med lite bättre fart, samt att den kan få riktigt hög fart på lätta kulor. Medan 308:an kan skjuta nästan likadant med något mindre rekyl i ett lite kortare vapen (beroende på modell)

.308 Vs 30-06: The Verdict Is Out! Read The unBiased ..

Motsvarande ammunition är i regel klart billigare i 6,5×55, men å andra sidan finns en del lågprisalternativ enbart i .308 Win. Båda är billigare att skjuta än andra klass 1-kalibrar. 6,5×55: 4. 308 Winchester: 3 . Lådans längd..308 Win kan byggas i något kortare lådor och vapnet blir därmed lite kortare och smidigare. 6,5×55: The largest difference between .308 vs .30-06 is that the former uses a shorter case, as .308 Winchester is 2.8 inches in overall length and .30-06 is 3.34 inches in length. As a result, the .308 case holds 56 grains of water compared to the .30-06's 68 grains A .30-06 has a muzzle velocity around 2,900 feet per second with a 150-grain bullet, while a .308 is around 2,800. I don't know anyone who can tell the difference, can you? The choice you make between the two really depends on personal preference and what you intend to use it for 308 vs 30 06 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2021 Google LL

Accuracy test .308 vs 30-06 - YouTube. Accuracy test .308 vs 30-06. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Hoppa till navigering Hoppa till sök. .30-06 Springfield. .30-06 Springfield ( 30-06 eller 7,62 × 63 mm) var tidigare en militär kaliber, som idag huvudsakligen används för jakt. .30-06 är en bälteslös patron med en kuldiameter på 0.308 tum (7,62 mm - samma som för .308 Winchester). Den har en längd på 63,3 mm och en hylsvolym på 68 grain vatten 308 vs 30-06 ammo on the store shelves isn't any cheaper. All the match ammo I've seen goes for about $30 a box. Maybe I'm wrong though. But if you did find 308 cheaper than 30-06, I'll bet you'll burn more of it through a AR10. Thusly no cost savings. 30-06 is one of the best all purpose hunting rounds

An example. It's possible to load .30-06 loaded with a 150-grain Hornady SST bullet (.415 ballistic coefficient) to 3,000 fps at the muzzle, while the .308 with the same projectile tops out at 2,800 fps. At these velocities, the .308 loses 9-inches more at 500 yards than the .30-06, and 61-inches more at 1,000 yards Similarities . Since the .308 was essentially born out of the .30-06, there are many things they share in common. They both have an equal diameter (.308).. Additional similarities they share are roughly equal range (they can be effective out to a thousand yards in the hands with a skilled shooter and a quality rifle), and bullet weight is typically the same at 140 to 180 grains

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  1. Well, each has come to be the basis for its respective action-length, with the .308 case measuring 2.015″, and the .30-06 measuring 2.494″. The .30-06 does have a definite velocity advantage, bettering the .308's velocity by about 100-125 fps
  2. 30-06 vs 308 vs 300 Win Mag Accuracy. Gun writers have spilled a lot of ink comparing the accuracy of the 308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag. While picking the most accurate cartridge of the three is a somewhat contentious subject, most people agree that all three cartridges are capable of excellent accuracy
  3. dre än den militära
  4. ant cartridge for marksmen and competitive rifle shooters
  5. The .30-06 Springfield cartridge (pronounced thirty-aught-six IPA: [ˈθɝɾi ɔt sɪks]), 7.62×63mm in metric notation and called .30 Gov't '06 by Winchester, was introduced to the United States Army in 1906 and later standardized; it remained in use until the late-1970s.The .30 refers to the caliber of the bullet in inches. The 06 refers to the year the cartridge was adopted, 1906
  6. 308 Win is best suited to lighter bullets eg. 165 gr. 30-06 Has the ability to shoot heavy for caliber bullets at respectable velocity 200-220 gr bullets which the 308 Win cannot do due to slower twist and lack of case capacity. The shorter action and magazine also limits the loading of these long and heavy for caliber bullets in the 308 Win
  7. The 30-06 leaves the muzzle at 2800-2900 fps, the 308 leaves the muzzle at 2700-2800 fps. The 30-06's max pressure is 60000 psi, the 308's max pressure is 62000 psi. One travels a little faster, one has slightly higher pressures

308 vs 30-06. Post author By Adriel; Post date September 13, 2015; 5 Comments on 308 vs 30-06; This article is written with beginning hunters in mind as they choose their hunting rifle and are considering the differences between the 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield. 308 left, 30-06 righ Here is few differences between the two. 30-06 is a parent of .308. 30-06. Difference between the two is insignificant unless a heavier bullet over 180gr is used. That's where 06 has the advantage and being able to use slower burning powders gives it the edge. 30-06 is bout 100fps faster at the muzzle RESULTS: .308 Has Small Edge at Middle Distance, But .30-06 Is Better at Long Range Surprisingly, the .30-06 performed nearly as well as the .308 at middle distances. The .30-06 delivered 99.2% of max possible scores vs. 99.5% for the .308 Win. Notably, at 1000 yards, the .30-06 racked up 97.7% of max scores vs. 97.3% for the .308 Win

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  1. Both 308 and 30-06 give homeloaders a wide range of bullet types, structures and weights to select from. 30 06 has the disadvantage of needing a full length rifle action thus making for a longer heavier rifle balanced against its advantage of being able to use heavier weights
  2. On the other hand, the .30-'06 cartridge has the wonderful ability to offer a little bit more power at reduced chamber pressure levels. Though it seems odd that the .30-06 has less chamber pressures than the .308 and yet a bit more power, it's nonetheless true. And, since it's the original caliber, it works
  3. The advantage of the 30-06 over the .308 is that the 30-06 can do everything the .308 can do and more. I look at the 30-06 as a .308 magnum The debate between these two cartridges is never ending and is so bad that my dad refuses to buy or shoot the .308 on the AR platform, where, I think it excels, just because he is such a fan of the .06
  4. 30-06 Has the ability to shoot heavy for caliber bullets at respectable velocity 200-220 gr bullets which the 308 Win cannot do due to slower twist and lack of case capacity. The shorter action and magazine also limits the loading of these long and heavy for caliber bullets in the 308 Win

308 Winchester är en anpassning på militärkalibern 7,62 i modern tappning, med en något lägre hylsvolym än 30-06 Springfield. Detta ger 308:an en väldigt behaglig rekyl samtidigt som den har samma fina ballistiska egenskaper och skottverkan som de övriga patronerna bland 30-kalibrarna. Norma Logotype Many consider the 308 excellent for hunting out to 600 yards, yet the 308 is nothing but a shorter, weaker, slower modification of the 30-06 Springfield. Yup. In the early 1950s, Winchester took the 30-06 case, shortened it from 2.494 to 2.015 and called it the 308 Winchester Then the 30-06 shines as it will shoot the 200 and 220 grain bullets that the .308 cannot. Otherwise the .308 will take care of most all your hunting needs with mild recoil and good accuracy. The 30-06 is a little more versatile but you pay for that versatility in higher recoil and bigger powder charges(if you reload) Generally, the 308 is more efficient, but the 30-06 performs better when using heavy for caliber bullets (190-220 grain). Both are great cartridges, and I believe the reason that most match shooters have changed to the 308 is because it is a wee bit more accurate

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.30-06 100 år och bättre än någonsin! Jaktjournale

Technically yes- but also no. That may sound contradictory but it makes sense if you understand bullet termonolgy. Yes because .30 is 3/10 of an inch which translates to 7.62 MM and in Europe, a .30-06 might be labeled a 7.62 × 63 MM, No- because. Around the same time gun designers were necking up the .30-06 to develop the .35 Whelen cartridge, engineers at Winchester decided to go the opposite route and neck down the .30-06 to use .277″ instead of .308″ bullets These cartridges are the .30-06 and .308 necked up to .358 caliber. The .35 Whelen can easily handle bullets up to 250 grains (which I use in this cartridge), but the .358 Winchester is usually loaded with 200 grain bullets because of the shorter case neck Caliber Battle: 7mm Rem. Mag. vs. .30-06 Springfield. Jordan Sillars Dec 8, 2020. In his excellent handbook, Cartridges of the World, Frank C. Barnes describes the .30-06 Springfield with the kind of reverence usually reserved for religion, mom's cooking, and secret hunting spots. The .30-06 is undoubtedly the most flexible, useful, all-around. .308 Winchester vs. 7.62×51mm NATO. Although not identical, the .308 Winchester and military 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges are similar enough that they can be loaded into rifles chambered for the other round, but the .308 Winchester cartridges are typically loaded to higher pressures than 7.62×51mm NATO service cartridges

If you have not made a decision yet, I would not by either. Most deer hunters are shooting 150 grain bullets. Not ideal for a 30 cal. Much more ideal for a 27/270 or lower Caliber. That would be the 7mm family. If I were to be buying a new rifle today, I would not even consider anything in a 30.. With a good 150-grain bullet at around 3000 feet per second the .30-06 gives up relatively little ground to the .270 over normal game ranges. With its heavier 165 or 180-grain bullets of larger diameter the .30-06 definitely hits harder Bara ett fåtal kalibrar har gjort sig förtjänta av så mycket av min tid, uppmärksamhet, kärlek och respekt som 308 Norma Magnum. Jag blev introducerad till 308 Norma Mag av min pappa. Han hade alltid skjutit Norma under sin uppväxt och tävlade i långhållsskytte med en specialbyggd 40X Remington i just den kalibern

Studie - Endtecken Sie die Geschosswirkung und Zielwirkung der Waffen Kaliber 308 win, 308 winchester, 7mm rem. mag, 7mm rem, 7mm remington, 30-06, 8×57, 8×57 is, 7x64, 9.3x6 This specialization has eclipsed the allure of the .30-06's ability to do just about everything. Today, if a hunter want's a varmint rifle, he'll get a .223 Remington or maybe the—you could say Creedmoor inspired—.224 Valkyrie.If you want to tackle big or dangerous critters, which is something the old ought-six has done a remarkable job at for years, you'll probably get a .300. Remington Model 700 Kulgevär. Perfekt för ditt jaktäventyr. Model 700, Seven, 700, Modell 700 Tactical. Kaliber .308 win, .30-06, .300 WSM .270 WSM, .270 win.

Ford vs Chevrolet, Nike vs Adidas, or Mac vs Windows are just a few of the iconic competitors that can be found in our society. When it comes to the firearm industry, there are probably no cartridge duos that are more rivaled than the .30-06 vs .308.. With any product, there are pros, cons, and loyalty to take into consideration when comparing icons in any industry Kaliber: 308 Skick: 4 av 5 Pris: 7.900:- kr Kimber. ID: 10514 Märke: Kimber Kaliber: 270 Win Skick: 4 av 5 Pris: 22.900:- kr Remington 700. ID: 11739 Kaliber: 30-06 Skick: 4 av 5 Pris: 7.500:- kr Jakt & Friluftsgården är en av södra Sveriges största butiker för Jaktoch Friluftsliv. Senaste nytt Then the .30-06 Springfield; Then .308 Winchester (aka 7.62 NATO) Consequently, North American hunters have a long-standing and relationship with .30 caliber bullets as well as rifle cartridges that fire .30 caliber bullets such as the .30-30 Winchester, the .308 Winchester, the .30-06 Springfield and, the .300 Winchester Magnum Match Results for .308 Win vs. .30-06 — Surprising Findings. The .308 Winchester, a shortened version of the .30-06, has almost completely replaced the .30-06 in NRA competition. The .308 is required for Palma shooting, so it is also used by many Palma competitors in other long-range and mid-range prone matches

The .30-06 Springfield is central to this comparison because it not only falls between the .308 and .300 Win. Mag. in power, but is essentially the parent of the .308 Win. While some historians insist Winchester engineers worked from the .300 Savage to make the .308, a careful measurement of rim, head, and body diameters shows a clear connection to the .30-06 8x57mm vs. 30-06 Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rimjob, Aug 26, 2008. Aug 26, 2008 #1 . Rimjob Guest. 1,052 will carry a bigger bullet than the 30-06, with it's .308 bore. Bottom line, if you handload, the 8x57 is great. If you will stick with commercial ammo, the 30-06 is probably a better choice. cold queso, Aug 26 And why wouldn't it? It's indisputable that a .30 caliber delivers more energy than a comparable 7mm. I'm talking 7mm-08 vs. .308; .280 Rem. vs. .30-06; 7mm STW vs. .300 Wby.; 7mm Ultra Mag. vs. .300 Ultra Mag. That's not the point, or at least it shouldn't be whenever one hears the 7mm vs 30 caliber argument The .308 and 30-06: A Brief History. The first key to disentangling the mess is that .308 and .30-06 are actually very closely related. In fact one was developed from the other. This goes back to the early 1950s, when NATO was trying to agree a standard service rifle for all its troops I believe the .308 Winchester functions better in a semi-auto rifle while the .30-06 works better in manually operated guns. The .30-06 is a bit more powerful depending on how it's loaded and the length of the rifle's barrel. The .308 was designed for the M-14 as an improvement over the M1 Garand so it works better in a semi-auto action

Those 2 are almost impossible to compare since there almost identical. 30 cal at 27-2900 fps. 308 is short action, which might be a tiny accuracy advantage. 30-06 can handle heavier bullets, but that's moot for deer If you stick to manuals and/or factory ammo, then the 30-06 has very little advantage over the .308Win. On the other hand, if you throw some unnecessary restrictions out the window, the 30-06 has a few advantages For what its worth, factory loads in .308 are loaded to slightly higher pressures than the 30-06, 55,000 cup vs 50,000 cup, although they are built on the same actions and on the same assembly lines. It is possible to handload the 30-06 to the same pressures as the .308 and pick up a bit more velocity, but you will probably never see any reloading manual post higher pressure loads for the 30-06

At longer distances, the 30-06 will keep the 180gr nosler partition in the expansion velocity (1800 fps) out to 500 yards where 308 will not. Will lesser calibers kill deer all day long? of course they will but my load is for deer, black bear and feral hogs .30-06 and .308 are similar bullet diamater but .30-06 has a longer case and can be more powerful. If your trying to get something for any big game in north america i would skip the .308 and go .300 winmag or .30-06 Kaliber:.308win och .30-06. Innehåller: Tika T3 Jaktia Edition, kikarsikte Leupold VX-R 3-9×50 belyst, justerbar kolvkam, flutad pipa, gängad pipa för ljuddämpare, snälltryck, 5-skottsmagasin, Warne stålfäste. Värde: 26 380 kr. Paketpris: 19 995 kr Finns nu att beställa i kaliber .308W och .30-06. Vilka ytterligare kalibrar som ev kommer därefter vet vi inget om idag. S20 Hunter Pris fr. 22 995 kr Läderlika greppytor ger dig bra grepp oavsett väderförhållanden. Pipa 51 cm eller 61 cm. Flutad 18 mm. S20 Precision Pris fr. 24 495 kr Stock tillverkad för långdistans- och precisionskytte A finely-tuned 30-06 will shoot up with a .308, if not outshoot it. I sort of prefer the 30-06 myself. I think the .308 may edge it out at distances past 400 yards (at least on paper), but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Again, handloading maximizes the potential of the 30-06 to probably outshine the 308

308 is about 170 FPS slower than 30-06 loads with same weight bullets,and is limited to about 180 grain bullets because of the short neck and case length impinges on the powder capacity at normal Cartridge Overall Lengths How ever the 308 has a lot more choices as far as rifles you can choose from like if you can hunt with a Simi rifle in your state the 308 has more options then the 06 there are some but not as much as 308 like my m1a I love my m1a if I could use it in my state for hunting I would for coyotes faster fallow up shots if needed I wish Springfield would make one in 30-06 caliber

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Size. .300 Win Mag bullets are 7.8mm (.308 inches) in diameter, and the case measures 2.62 inches. .30-06 bullets are also 7.8mm in diameter, but the case measures 2.49 inches long. However, despite the differences in case length, the cartridges are the exact same overall length 30-06, 280 Remington, 25-06, various creedmore renditions, 300 WSM, 270 Winchester, .308 - there are so many great calibers that don't get into the bigger magnum rounds - for which you don't need. If it proves a bit light at 500 on big deer (like maybe a .243 or .243), you will wish you got a bigger cartridge

For a short action, the boring .308 has no equal, and for a long action, the .30-06 almost stands alone, with the amount of ammo and reloading components available. I almost expect a good performance out of the 6.5 mag, as to equal the 30-06 range but in a short action. Either way, the use of a 6.5 mag will be new to me Re: 243 vs 7mm08 vs 308 vs 30-06 vs 270 Have hunted and killed deer with; 30-30, .270, .444, .45-70, 7mm-08 & .30-06...my personal favorite is a .243. Light recoil and dead nutz accurate...and will kill a deer just as dead as any other caliber mentioned. I still occasionally hunt with my .30-06 and .30-30 but .243 Winchester is my favorite .308 vs .30-06, need help! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. R. Rscout6945 · Registered. Joined Nov 17, 2003 · 81 Posts. The .300 Win Mag was designed as a long-range cartridge, and the .30/06 was designed for an infantry rifle whose maximum effective range for aimed fire was 460 yards, which today is not long. From an external dimension standpoint, the .308 Winchester cartridge case and the 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51 mm) are the same thing. In fact, the 7.62 was developed using the general design of the .308 as its 'parent' case. The difference between the two, beyond the outside dimensions, is basically two-fold: Internal dimensions - brass thickness

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  1. It was quickly seen as a faster and flatter shooting caliber; more ideal for the open long range shooting found in the west. It was made from a .30-06 Springfield case, basically necked down to 0.277. Because it was a smaller diameter the bullet weights were less, however the velocity was greater
  2. If you reload, 30-06 will do everything from light bullet 100gn (similar to 223) to heavy killing rig 250gn (like 300 WM). No much more expensive to reload then 308, But can work with the heavy bullets. If you not reload, You can buy 30-06 in 150-155gn, 165gn (my favorite) and 180-185gn. This selection will cover Deer to Elk
  3. Re: 243 vs 7mm08 vs 308 vs 30-06 vs 270 My preferrence is for the .270 Win. I think its a dandy deer slayer. I have a Stevens 200 with 22 barrel. I also really like the 6.5x55 Swede - I think that's about the ideal deer sized caliber
  4. Based on the .300 Savage, the .308 Win. oddly shares the same rim and head sizes as the—you guessed it—.30-06. This is why some smart alecks call it the 30-06 Short. It had a slow start, but after militaries adopted it as the 7.62x51mm NATO, it started gathering steam
  5. The .30-06 suffers from too much case capacity vs bullet, and the .308 solves that issue by reducing case capacity. Going the other way by increasing bullet size, a. 338-06 AI and .375 Hawk/Scoville are both beasts

That said, 308 is the superior chambering vs 30/06 for any type of modern long range marksmanship. There's just so much more match grade ammo types available in normal times. Ballistics wise they are pretty similar, but the 308 is more widely available, has a little less recoil, and gives you a wider variety of rifles to choose from The .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum are all outstanding big game hunting cartridges. Though they're similar in many ways, they're also different in a few key areas and each is best suited for particular situations. Here's a detailed breakdown of the history, strengths, and weaknesses of each cartridge as well as recommendations on which one you should be use for. The .30-06 logs a muzzle speed of 3,140 feet per second, while the 6.5 sits at 2,850 feet per second. But of course, if you're willing to sacrifice bullet weight, you can get a faster 6.5 Creedmoor round Villkor. Beskrivning. En snake som man lätt drar genom pipan med för att ta bort resterna ifrån skjutningarna. Kopparborsten tar bort det som sitter mer än vanligt. Detta är ett smidigt sätt att dra rent pipan och göra vapenvård direkt efter skjutning. Passar kaliber Kaliber .308, 7,62mm, 30-30, 30-06, .300, .303. Totallängd:168 cm

Vilken är bäst: 6,5 eller

Norma 30-06 11.7 gr Oryx har fungerat utmärkt till jakt på nästan alla viltarter över hela världen. De flesta jägare föredrar 180 grains-kulor för större vilt, såsom älg och björn. Specifikationer: Kaliber: 30-06 Gun caliber question .270 .308 or 30-06 which is better? Ok so yes I've heard many things about these caliber a but now I can't decide which one is better anymore so really this is what I'm looking for something that I can find ammo easy for now and days (since you have to pretty much resort to hiring private investigators to find you ao now and days) & something that's accurate & has a Big. But for hunting, I've used the .270 far more than the .30/06. The reasons are the slightly lesser recoil of the .270, and the fact that it does somewhat better at long range, or at least I think.

It's a MUCH better long-range round, shooting a LOT flatter and is also a short action (.308 case, basically.) It stays supersonic past 1000yds, so it's good to go for F-class competitions. I disagree with those saying the .308 shoots flatter than 30-06. It depends on the bullet weight, but usually 30-06 will shoot flatter (higher velocity. Caliber Differences The bullets are an identical 7.8mm in diameter. The primers are the same. The only real difference is in the cases. Put a .308 and .30-06 next to one another the .30-06 has a longer case. What it all really boils down to is that the Army liked the stopping power of the .30-06, but they didn't care for the long action round Unlike my 308 vs 30-06 article, this one is NOT splitting hairs. There is a great deal of difference between the 300 Winchester Magnum, affectionately known as the 300 Win Mag, and the 308 Winchester. I'll be primarily writing this article in mind of new hunters looking at rifles chambered in each of these cartridges, [ In this Article: RecoilBallisticsTrajectoryStopping PowerAccuracyPrice & AvailabilityApplicationsBest Rounds Both the .308 Win and the .30-06 Springfield are two cartridges steeped in American tradition. Both have serviced the men and women of our military and police force and have found worldwide success and longevity in the hunting fields Conversely, the .308 carries enough energy even at 500 yards to have reliable penetration on deer size game with bullets in the 165-168 grain range. Bullet selection is good for both cartridges, but even as sleek as the 6mm offerings are today, we can still find better ballistic coefficients in the .308

.308 vs .30-06: Does It Make That Much Difference? Gun ..

4. .27 vs ,30 Really? 5. Lighter recoil, although not a big deal 6. Not much difference in reaching way out there vs 7mm Rem. Mag. 7. I know what it can do 8. More use in Ontario 9. Incredible shocking power 10. 130 gr bullet is all you need and with new bullets no meat damage. 11. Why get a 308 when you can get a 30 06 12. I know what it can. If we take a look at the cartridge specs of the 7mm Rem Mag vs .30-06, we see that there are some key differences that are going to influence how these rounds behave. The .30-06 is, as the name implies, a 30 cal bullet with a .308 diameter bullet while the 7mm Rem mag is slightly smaller at .284 300 Blackout vs 308 The difference in size between .308 Winchester and 300 AAC Blackout is apparent. The .308 is a significantly larger cartridge suitable for engagement at longer ranges. The 300AAC Blackout is based on the .223 Remington case so it works perfectly in the AR15 The performance of 30-30 vs 308 in the short-range shooting is almost the same. But for distance shooting and target shooting, the 308 performs more accurately. With its higher velocity and better trajectory, shooting a 308 ammo would still be accurate at 400 yards than the 30-30, which most likely performs better at about 200 yards The .30-06 Springfield saw combat in several wars, including both World Wars, the Korean War, and Vietnam. For military purposes, the cartridge was perfect. The cartridge's simple design allowed it to feed smoothly in both bolt actions and semi-automatics, and it delivered impressive ballistics (especially for the time period), consistent accuracy, and deadly terminal performance

30-06 vs 270 Ammo Variances. The 30-06 wins here. The 30-06 has a much larger range of bullet weights than the .270 Win. You can find 30-06 ammo in 130 grain all the way to 220 grain (range of 90). The 270 Win only ranges from 100 gr to 150 gr (range of 50). Ammo Price and Availability. The 30-06 is also cheaper by a few dollars on the premium. Than the 30-06 shades the .308. However, for most of us who hunt in the lower 48 states it doesn't really matter that much. The .308 works good in a short action and short barrels whereas the 30-06 needs a standard length action and at least a 22 barrel to be effective

.308 vs .30-06: Which Round is Better, and for What Uses

The 308 was made to NEARLY equal the 30/06 in a shorter round, chambered in a shorter rifle. I could not say which one I like best, so I have one Game Rifle and one Match rifle in each caliber. They all shoot well, but I have a Match 308 that will blow the other 3 out of the water The .30-06 Springfield is a popular .308″ caliber rifle cartridge which was originally introduced in 1906. It is popular among hunters for its ability to effectively take any size of North American game, but it was originally released as a military cartridge

270 vs 30-06 Caliber comparison. Ballistics, velocity, trajectory, and energy data analysis. Graphs and visuals can be filtered and changed by you. Two of the most well-known cartridges go head-to-head in this detailed article. Must see data comparison A 25-06 is simply a 30-06 brass necked down to a .257 caliber bullet. It is just like a 270 in that a 270 is a necked down 30-06 brass. It's a great caliber for light skinned animals like deer. I have taken out 300+ pound hogs with mine also. It has light recoil and is fairly accurate in the right hands

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