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Mass Effect 2. Kelly's primary job on the Normandy is to keep Commander Shepard abreast of new e-mails and pass on meeting requests from Shepard's squad mates. In addition, Kelly provides counselor support and monitors the psychological state of Shepard and the crew, offering input on mission outcomes and impressions on Shepard's team Most ME2 and 3 players will admit to forgetting to feed the fish in between missions and then have to clean out the dead ones and buy new ones, however if you slightly romance Kelly to the point that she comes to your cabin for the first time she will offer to feed your fish for you Honestly, the only benefit from inviting Kelly to your place is that she will offer to feed your fish. Noted: I once forgot to feed my fish, it died, then I managed to date Kelly and she still offered me to feed it: Sometimes I feed them 2x, 3x even 4x before a mission and they still die! Am I overfeeding them? I've read online that you can get Kelly to feed your fish if you have the sexy time with her, but I've already showed initial interest in her from the dialogue option, but she has shown no further interest in me since, or my fish, which is much more distressing

There IS an automated fish feeding system built into the Normandy - It's called Yeoman Kelly Chambers. To bring it online, flirt with her every chance you get and eventually you can have her feed your fish (that just sounds wrong) It was a good 5-6 trips since I've been to my cabin. I talked to Kelly before about how she would feed my fishes but i Just went to the cabin and not If talked too enough on the Normandy, she can offer to feed Shepard's fish when he is not around. When Shepard and crew are off on a mission, the Collectors invade the Normandy and abduct Kelly.

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  1. g marine animals with umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles, although a few are anchored to the seabed by stalks rather than being mobile
  2. Okay, sorry Mate, that's before You meet Kelly, but here it is the list for all Cabin Items... including all sea life: These should give you everything (one of them must be the VI as well): {id: 21038, name: SkaldFish?}, {id: 21039, name: Cabin Item 21039}, {id: 21040, name: Sunfish}, {id: 21042, name: Cabin Item 21042}
  3. Mass Effect 2. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. Kelly. Endorsements. 3. Total views. 956. Image information. Added on 09 April 2018 5:00PM. Uploaded by nappilydeestructio. More images View more from uploader. About this image
  4. The most important moment during the conversation with Kelly is the last dialogue option choice. Going with the upper dialogue option is equal to allowing Kelly to continue helping the refugees. Sadly this means that she will be tracked down by Cerberus forces in the near future and she'll die while completing Priority: The Citadel #2 main quest (there's no way of stopping that)
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Mass Effect 2: Kelly offers to feed the fish (romance

Author: rondeeno. Uploader: rondeeno. This mod allows Tali and Thane to be romanced by both male and female Shepard, utilizing unused dialogue in the game files. It also fixes issues with imported same-gender Ashley and Kaidan romances and allows and restores other same-gender content whenever possible Open Gibbed Save Editor for Mass Effect 2 application. It doesn't matter where you unzip the downloaded folder or where you run it. Click the folder icon in it's menu and navigate to where Mass Effect 2 stores saves: Documents > BioWare > Mass Effect 2 > Save; Select the character file you wish to edit and the most recent save

Mass Effect 2 is a 2010 science fiction adventure video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and the PC. A sequel to 2007's Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 puts players in the role of Commander Shepard, a military officer on a mission to hunt down the mysterious Collectors If a Mass Effect 2 save has been imported, Kelly Chambers; will return Shepard's ME2 fish once she's been spoken to in the Docks: Holding Area of the Citadel In Mass Effect 2, how do you get Yeoman Kelly Chambers to care for your fish? Found out some stuff about the fish is an ME3 strategy guide that I didn't know about. Something about getting a info upgrade packet for a certain if it survives ME2 Kelly and female Shepard romance scene, with all the flirting dialogs and the final scene Mass effect 2 dating kelly - Join the leader in relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Find single woman in the US with rapport. Looking for novel in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place

Display Name: cormag33 Joined: September 7, 2020 Last Activity: September 7, 2020 First Submission: September 7, 2020 Last Submission: September 7, 202 Gibbed's save editor for mass effect 2! Easy to use and enjoy! This save editor can edit your character , resources paragon/renegade points name credits etc. ! This save editor can also edit mass effect 1 events and add squad members and complete their..

Got the option to invite Kelly to my room (had flirted with her to get her to feed my fish), though I never used the option. Ashley still alive. Wrex still alive. Original (read: ignorant and useless) Council from ME1 still around Anderson is Councilor. Go back to your office, Udina! Quests: Both of Liara's quests completed. Helped Conrad Verner Below are some basic tips, tricks and help on Relationships and romance. For in-depth information on pursuing each and every relationship in the game, you ca Mass Effect 2 Dinner With Kelly. Source(s): https://owly.im/a822u. 0 0. Anonymous. 8 years ago. Kelly is a freebie, romancing her won't affect any of Shepard's other romancing options. That includes the dinner invitation. Don't avoid talking to her Hairy Sheploo mod allows players to add a new hairstyle and/or beard to the default male Shepard, based on Dutch model Mark Vanderloo. All hairstyles plus the beard are custom meshes with new textures, meaning this mod provides 3D hair options and aren't just painted over his face. Mass Effect 2 Edition. Character Appearance ; By Marcus22Khaa Mass Effect 5 Should Answer One Big Question Fans Have Been Dying to Know. Out of all the many mysteries that Mass Effect: Andromeda left hanging for Mass Effect 5 to answer, one rises above all.

Dominic Agyei, Michael K. Danquah, in Soft Chemistry and Food Fermentation, 2017 2.4 Fish Protein Hydrolysates. The fish waste removals from the renowned fish processing farms around the globe account for a staggering 60% (or even more) of treated fish biomass, which can be put into good use for manufacturing fish food, sauce, and fish sileage, rather than adversely contributing to the. Every year, thousands of drowned wildebeest feed this African ecosystem. By Elizabeth Pennisi Jun. 19, 2017 , 3:00 PM. It's one of the iconic sights of Africa: hundreds of thousands of. The ocean (also the sea or the world ocean) is the body of salt water which covers approximately 71% of the surface of the Earth. It is also any of the large bodies of water into which the great ocean is divided. These five oceans are, in descending order by area, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern (Antarctic), and Arctic Oceans.. Saline seawater covers approximately 361,000,000 km 2. Mass Effect 2 Save Editor. Endorsements. 2,447. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 203,462. Version. 1.0. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 18 January 2018 1:56AM. Original upload 18 January 2018 1:56AM. Created by Pordis Shepard . Uploaded by nate051499j6. Virus scan. Safe to use . Tags for this mod. Tag.

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Despite a few gaffes, the Mass Effect franchise is beloved by Sci-Fi and RPG fans the world over. It also details the rise and decline of BioWare in a way: Mass Effect 1 and 2 were its pinnacle. The fish is normally served with a vinegar-based sweet-and-sour sauce (Chinese: 西湖醋鱼). Jumping ability. Silver carp are easily frightened by boats, which cause them to leap up to 2.5-3.0 metres (8-10 ft) into the air, and numerous boaters have been severely injured by collisions with the fish Mass Effect Andromeda Key Decisions & Consequences Guide to help you learn about all the decisions with their immediate and long-term consequences

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Mass production of maggots for fish feed using naturally occurring adult houseflies (Musca domestica)Lugano Hezron, Nazael Madalla 1 and Sebastian W Chenyambuga 1 National Service Headquarters, Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock P.O. Box 1694, Dar es Salaam, Tanzani Maggie May Baird (born March 29, 1959) is an American actress, voice artist, and screenwriter.. Baird grew up in Colorado performing music, and studied theater and dance at the University of Utah, before moving to New York City where she performed on Broadway.She made her television debut in 1981 in the soap opera Another World and her film debut in An Innocent Man (1989)

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Track your Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges, view your characters, or browse your inventory. Explore profiles and learn how the top players operate! Discover, shape, and share your Mass Effect Experience. Read the latest posts from the BioWare Edmonton and Montréal studios to discover content from both developers and fans Common Rare Untameable Cave The Baryonyx (bare-ee-ON-iks) is one of the dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved. 1 Basic Info 1.1 Dossier 1.2 Behavior 1.3 Appearance 1.4 Color Scheme and Regions 1.5 Drops 1.6 Base Stats and Growth 1.6.1 Wild Stats Level-up 2 Taming 2.1 KO Strategy 2.2 Taming Food 3 Combat 3.1 General 3.2 Strategy 3.3 Weaponry 3.4 Dangers 3.5 Weakness 4 Utility 4.1 Roles 4.2 Tail. I'm trying to get General Oraka not killed. I've talked to Kannik in giving me the top-of-the-line weapons, but he expects artifacts from me. WHat sort of artifacts is he looking for & where. This is the last known version of the Gibbed Mass Effect 3 Save Editor (R90.B116). This was my own personal edited copy. I spent countless hours going over the plot IDs from ME1 to ME3 correcting inaccuracies, adding new IDs from multiple sources, and added notes and useful configurations that I used most with playing on both console and PC Prequel bonuses. Have a saved game file from the original Mass Effect on your hard drive, and use that profile in Mass Effect 2 to get the following bonuses:. 100,000 credits: Mass Effect character with the Rich achievement 30,000 credits: Level 50 Mass Effect character 2,000 experience points: Level 50 Mass Effect character 5,000 of each resource: Level 50 Mass Effect characte

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Tali is one of the original characters from the Mass Effect series, and can be romanced in Mass Effect 3 if you meet a significant number of requirements. The most important is a save file from Mass Effect 2 where you played as a male Shepard and romanced Tali. This is the only way to begin a romance with Tali in Mass Effect 3 BioWare develops high quality console, PC and online role-playing games, focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world's most critically acclaimed titles 1.2.1 Production of macro- and microorganisms in the water. Those organisms which live in the water of a fish pond and have chlorophyll, produce carbohydrates from the carbon dioxide and the water in the process of photosynthesis by utilization of solar energy, while oxygen is produced as a by-product of the process 2 ultimately defers to a separate category for reporting of greenhouse gas emissions related to deforestation (20% of global GHG emissions per UN-REDD), of which livestock and feed crops play a significant role, needing to be added to direct emissions (80% of Amazonian rainforest deforestation and degradation, and destruction of Cerrado savanna since 1970 has been due to expansion for. Then they pierce the skin and feed on the host; Cause: Usually from fish that were living in an outdoor pond at one time and bringing them into an indoor aquarium. Also, fish lice can be introduced from wild fish that are added to an aquarium. Lice travel from one host fish to another, spreading bacteria and viruses, so once they're in your.

By converting our sims to HTML5, we make them seamlessly available across platforms and devices. Whether you have laptops, iPads, chromebooks, or BYOD, your favorite PhET sims are always right at your fingertips.Become part of our mission today, and transform the learning experiences of students everywhere The commercial industry is responsible for catching 93.3 million tonnes of wild fish and for cultivating 48.1 million tonnes of farmed fish annually. In terms of the quantity of individual fish, this weight is estimated to be somewhere between .97 and 2.7 trillion Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions Removes a romanced Kaidan's pointed accusation of cheating towards a female Shepard who had a relationship in Mass Effect 2. Allows a female Shepard who had a relationship in ME2 to rekindle with Kaidan in peace.This mod has been localised to the best of my ability in all available languages. Story ; By SpaceD0lphi

Ouch... You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. It's currently a bit busy. You can have a rest and please slide to verify Among other valuable characteristics as live feed for fish, Fig. 32.01-2-3-4 Harvesting procedures of rotifers mass cultures (photo STM Aquatrade) High density rotifer culture. c/ 1/3 of the harvest is used to inoculate other tanks, and 2/3 for fish larvae feeding. To obtain more stable fish feed pellets and thereby improve feed conversion, guidelines for the industry have been proposed as follows: (i) Before pelleting, grind the mixed feed through a 2 mm screen to an effective size of 125 microns

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The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests 2 used today. Get Offer. For a limited time, play a growing collection of great PC games for free for 7 days, and try new EA games before they're released. Also, save 10% on Origin purchases. Cancel anytime. 30% off. Coupon 30% Off Select Games. 1 Used Today. Get Coupon Code. This fish com es from farther North where it builds a bit of fat that gives it a rich smooth texture. A mature Albacore Tuna 's average weight 16 pounds. Moreover, it retails between $2.60 and $3 per pound but can be up to $20 or more per pound depending on where you shop and the quality. Hawaiian Opa

How our Trash Affects the Whole Planet. Ever wondered what happens when you throw something away? In this post we'll dive deep to learn more about how our trash affects the whole planet, to help understand what we do here, affects people, animals and the environment everywhere Total organic carbon fluxes at depths of 2000 m are about 0.4-4 g C · m −2 · y −1 in nonpolar oceans, and 0.01-6 g C · m −2 · y −1 in polar oceans (Lampitt and Antia 1997). Given the area of oceans, the global flux of organic carbon to deep water is huge and has been estimated at 0.34 Gt C y −1 ( Lampitt and Antia 1997 ) HN - Alpha 2 Relocked 30mins ago Released Apr 18, 2021 Stealth Alpha 2 reimagined with Redesigned Cutscenes, Multiple Endings, Randomized Items Locations, and Limited Attempts! You better be stealthy

The cost of producing meat, fish and soya bean meal as feed for animals accounts for 70% of the production costs of livestock (van Huis 2013). Insects, on the other hand, are comparably high in nutrients, have a low environmental impact, require less space and are already part of the natural diets of pigs, poultry and fish, making them an ideal feed alternative (Rumpold & Schlüter 2013b ) A novel isotope dilution UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS method for the quantification of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol in Caco-2 cell transport and Validation of a multi-analyte HPLC method for the determination of carotenoids used as feed additives in fish and poultry feed: results Effect of high pressure processing on migration. The feed conversion ratio is considered by dividing the mass of input by the mass of output. This is important to understand while producing livestock feed and while managing aquaponics gardens. In this case, the feed conversion ratio represents the number of units of 'dry' aqua feed necessary to produce a unit of 'wet' fish or crustacean A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an animal, plant, or microbe whose DNA has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.. For thousands of years, humans have used breeding methods to modify organisms. Corn, cattle, and even dogs have been selectively bred over generations to have certain desired traits You must sign in and sign up for the Mass Effect newsletter before you can redeem your items. You've successfully signed up to receive emails about Mass Effect and other EA news, products, events and promotions. Unsubscribe at any time by changing your email preferences. You've already signed up for Mass Effect newsletters with the above email

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A 5.2-m wire with a mass of 87 g is attached to the mast of a sailboat. If the wire is given a thunk at one end, it takes 0.094 s for the resulting wave to reach the other end. (a) What is the tension in the wire? (b) Wou!d the tension found in part (a) be larger or smaller if the mass of the wire is greater than 87 g There are 13 species of cuttlefish found in British waters, including both little and common families, and more than 100 species worldwide. Find out more about the tricks and disguises of these fascinating group of animals F rom Dave Spang's perch high atop a sandy cliff in Truro, the vast ocean wriggles and writhes almost imperceptibly beneath a cloudless sky. More than 100 feet below Spang's red folding chair, seals bob in the surf. Gentle waves tickle the edge of the desolate beach. Staring out at the sea, Spang records the same careful measurements he has made three times a week, every week, for 15 years

In Mass Effect 2, can you romance both Kelly Chambers and

Beef, lamb, and poultry don't provide the optimal ratio of bioavailable amino acids by themselves. That's why higher-quality commercial dog foods typically include additional protein sources, such as fish and fish meal, eggs, animal byproducts, and plant-based proteins, such as wheat or corn gluten Similarly, the centrum of fish is also helpful in calculating the age of fish. The centrum of fish vertebrae possess rings, which are used in age determina­tion. For counting the rings on the centrum, it is exposed by removing the tissues attached to it using solution of 0.7% pepsin in 0.2% of hydrochloric acid The latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos

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Kelly Pebworth - Feb 2, 2021. pork, lamb and duck since they are all rich in copper and go with chicken, turkey, beef and white fish instead. Fats What Do You Feed a Dog with Liver. Aquaponics (AP) is a semi-closed system of food production that combines aquaculture and hydroponics and represents a new agricultural system integrating producers and consumers. The aim of this study was to test the effect of stocking densities (APL, 2.5 kg m-3; APH, 4.6 kg m-3) on water quality, growth performance of the European Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), and yield of leafy vegetables. Mystery snails also like to eat fish food such as shrimp pellets. So, occasionally feed them a teaspoon or two of ground shrimp, which is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Members of the Ampullariidae family also love to eat fish eggs. Lifespan. In captivity, the South American variety of this species has a short lifespan of 1.5-2 years Being absolutely head over heels for Mass Effect, I had to have the Normandy SR-2 on my shelf. I actually bought it years ago, but I recently moved and the movers just tossed my stuff in boxes so it got crushed into pieces. So I bought a new one, and it is the same Shellfish is rarely a hidden ingredient, but it may be in fish stock or seafood flavoring. Companies are required to label any product that contains shellfish or other foods that often cause allergic reactions, but the regulations don't apply to mollusks, such as clams, oysters and scallops. Keep your distance

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Alternative enrichment media that are suitable for mass production of micro-algae in large-scale extensive systems contain only the most essential nutrients and are composed of agriculture-grade rather than laboratory-grade fertilizers (Table 2.5.). Table 2.3. Composition and preparation of Walne medium (modified from Laing, 1991) Aquaponics is an innovative and sustainable solution of combining the fish and plants culture in a symbiotic recirculating system. This bio-integrated system uses waste from aquaculture to grow plants hydroponically. Aquaponics is done with a wide variety of system designs, plant, and aquatic animal species. Different type of fish species and plants are used depending on different factors

CXC 79-2019: Code of Practice for the Reduction of 3-Monochloropropane-1,2- Diol Esters (3-MCPDEs) and Glycidyl Esters (GEs) in Refined Oils and Food Products Made With Refined Oil 2. Chicken Feed Types - Mash, Pellets, Crumble, Scratch. Fish meal is a good quality protein and an excellent source of omega-3 which does transfer to your eggs. It may be that your chickens need time to get used to it. Or if it smells off it could actually be rancid Fish fed 20% Leucaena leaf meal recorded the best growth performance in body weight gain and Specific Growth Rate (SGR), although the best Feed conversion Ration (FCR) was recorded for fish fed on the control diet of 0% Leucaena meal. There were no significant differences between fish fed the control diet and the other experimental (P>0.05) Boston 25 News No Feed conversion ratio (FCR) is used to measure the mass quantity of feed required to produce one kilogram of animal product (e.g. meat). For example, on average, we have to feed cattle 25 kilograms of feed to produce one kilogram of beef or buffalo meat - this would give us an FCR value of 0.04 (calculated as output (1 kilogram) / input (25 kilograms)

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