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You need to install the locale you want in your server. SSH into your server; Check which locales are installed: locale -a; if your locale is not there, install it: sudo locale-gen ca_ES; Update the locales in your server: sudo update-locale; Restart apache for the changes to take effect: sudo service apache2 restart; That is it Yes, I don't get how strftime works that's why I asked and still don't get it. The manual says: strftime — Format a local time/date according to locale setting strftime() will get local time using timezone setting from date_default_timezone_set, then send format and converted tm structure to strftime() system call. So it will output time stamp string (%s format string) with timezone converted tm structure, and it will be wrong unless you set the same time zone with your machine Request #69561: FPM access.log strftime locale not configurable: Submitted: 2015-05-01 21:06 UTC: Modified: 2017-10-24 07:45 UT From: rasmus@php.net: Date: Fri, 01 May 2015 22:33:04 +0000: Subject: Req #69561 [Asn]: FPM access.log strftime locale not configurable: References: 1 : Groups

But the date shown front end is now only in English. I have a multi-language textfield (locale) where I input nb_NO and en_US, and then I use the follow code in _init.php: $homepage = $pages-> get ('/'); // For change of language, set default language switch ($user-> language-> name) {case 'default': setlocale (LC_ALL, $homepage-> locale); break; In a PHP app I am using setlocale to change the locale as chosen by the user. An example of the relevant code is as follows: setlocale(LC_TIME, de, de_DE); However, the chosen locale is not respected when displaying dates using strftime(). Are there additional steps that need to be done when s.. [2015-01-23 12:41 UTC] ab@php.net OK, after some testing i can now reproduce this behavior even with english system locale. For that, just use setlocale(LC_ALL, japanese); I've also tested a bit more and it looks that at least codepages 932, 936, 950 affect strftime to be working a different way, at least with vc11 Last Modified: 2012-05-10. Hi, The following only outputs english for me : setlocale (LC_TIME, 'fr_FR'); echo strftime ('%A'); setlocale (LC_TIME, 'de_DE'); echo strftime ('%A'); Thank you for any help. Comment If you are running PHP on a multithreaded server API , you may experience sudden changes in locale settings while a script is running, though the script itself never called setlocale(). This happens due to other scripts running in different threads of the same process at the same time, changing the process-wide locale using setlocale()

PHP strftime() Function PHP Date/Time Reference. Example. Format local date and time according to locale Month and weekday names and other language-dependent strings respect the current locale set with setlocale() PHP Version: 4+ PHP Changelog: PHP 5.1: Now issues E_STRICT and E_NOTICE time zone errors PHP Date/Time Reference. COLOR PICKER Bug #25697: Locale-specific formats of strftime() do not work: Submitted: 2003-09-29 18:07 UTC: Modified: 2003-09-29 21:45 UTC: From: joho at webbplatsen dot s

strftime() and setlocale() are not working(everything is output in English always) even though I have both the proper system locales and php_intl installed. Any ideas Description string strftime ( string format [, int timestamp] ). Returns a string formatted according to the given format string using the given timestamp or the current local time if no timestamp is given. Month and weekday names and other language dependent strings respect the current locale set with setlocale().. Not all conversion specifiers may be supported by your C library, in which. I am using XAMPP 8.0.0 on MacOS 11.0.1 and find that setlocale() in PHP is not working. It will return the locale that has been set, as opposed to FALSE, but when I use strftime() the output is always in English, no matter what locale I set

'strftime()' works with the locale set by 'setlocale()'. It knows nothing about the preferences you set in the control panel. If you're writing Windows-specific code using Windows-specific functionality (which you are), you should use Windows API functions (which, unfortunately for you, are not a topic for this newsgroup) and ideally PHP Programming Server Side Programming The strftime() function formats a local time/date according to locale settings. It returns a string formatted according to the given format string using the given timestamp or the current local time if no timestamp is given You should note that the defacto PHP date handling functionality does not respect the prevailing locale like strftime () does. echo date('F'); // June. Also the same is true of PHP's DateTime classes too. $date = new DateTime(); echo $date ->format ('F'); // June

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In *some* Windows systems, setting LC_TIME only will not work, you must either set LC_ALL or both LC_CTYPE and LC_TIME. BUT if you have already set LC_TIME using setlocale earlier in the script, dates will not be affected! For example: <?php setlocale (LC_TIME, 'greek'); setlocale (LC_CTYPE, 'greek');?> will not work, while <?php setlocale (LC_CTYPE, 'greek') Re: PHP Warning: strftime() & simplexml errors by sheld0r » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:18 pm So you might think I'm dumb and blind, but I really didn't see the underscore Home » Php » PHP setlocale not working even with locales existing PHP setlocale not working even with locales existing Posted by: admin July 11, 2020 Leave a commen In the C Programming Language, the setlocale function allows you to set the program's locale information. Syntax

So somewhere hidden there's a setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.ISO8859-1', 'de_DE.ISO8859-15E'); call. So the current scripts Locale seems to affect the log output (which should be mostly English in my opinion) So it would be more a feature request having a custom locale for the fpm access.log strftime locale PHP | strftime() Function Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020 The strftime() function is an inbuilt function in PHP that formats local time or date according to locale settings i.e. it formats local time or date for location set for it of a place

php - working - strftime . PHP setlocale hat keine Wirkung (6) locale -a Die setlocale()-Funktion legt nicht die gewünschte Sprache (Deutsch) fest. Ziel ist es, Monatsnamen auszugeben. Dies ist mein Testcode mit bisherigen Versuchen -bash-3.2$ locale -a If it's still not working and the locale you need is available/installed then the logical route at this point would be to determine if it's a problem with the PHP setup, or the system itself:-bash-3.2$ export LC_TIME=es_ES.utf8-bash-3.2$ date sáb mar 27 14:16:39 GMT 201

I'm not sure why it's not working for you. I set up a test page with the following code... <?php setlocale(LC_TIME, de, de_DE); echo strftime(%A); and the page produces the name of the current day, in German as expected. If it's still not working for you, feel free to open a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it further for you The strftime() function formats a local time and/or date according to locale settings. Tip: Also look at the gmstrftime() function, which formats a GMT/UTC time and/or date according to locale settings

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Not all conversion specifiers may be supported by your C library, in which case they will not be supported by PHP's strftime(). Additionally, not all platforms support negative timestamps, therefore your date range may be limited to no earlier than the Unix epoch Third note to self: for the specific format I want to emit in my example above there is this working shortcut: t.isoformat() yields '2019-11-07T12:29:23.444348736'. The problem with your shortcut through is that if t accidentally is whole number of microseconds, the last 000 are not printe Get code examples lik We are migrating all docker images to Alpine base, but a software need set locales in the system but locales not found and I don't know how install locales command with this images. locale -a o.. This does however require that you have the iconv // module installed and enabled on your PHP system. If this is not possible, setting // $csv_charset to 'utf-8' and $csv_bom to TRUE (ie requiring MRBS to output a Byte // Order Mark) will make Excel 2010 on Windows, and maybe earlier versions, work

echo strftime('%a %d %b %Y');-----The html above has a UTF-8 charset, but strftime returns a iso-8859-7 string (1 byte / char) end finally html has this output:??? 10 ??? 2006. I suspect the setlocale but when I remove it, it produces english dates and not greek. strftime must return something like Tpi 10 Map 2006 (with greek chars) which is th Get code examples like php strftime instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension Something to make sure of is that the locale is available on your system, to see what locales are available/installed on your system, use the following command: -bash-3.2$ locale -a If it's still not working and the locale you need is available/installed then the logical route at this point would be to determine if it's a problem with the PHP setup, or the system itself I have put a single php-file to each domain with this code PHP: <?php var_dump(locale_get_default()); echo '<br><br>UTF-8<br>'; var_dump(setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF-8')); echo '<br>'.strftime('%b', mktime(0,0,1,5,1,2020)); echo '<br><br>utf8<br>'; var_dump(setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.utf8')); echo '<br>'.strftime('%b', mktime(0,0,1,5,1,2020)) PHP setlocale and strftime Not Working, In this article we will install a new locale using dpkg-reconfigure to resolve problems with PHP setlocale and strftim. sudo pkg-reconfigure locales Select your required local and and press OK

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PHP date is always being returned as 01 January 1970 and strftime not translating php , date , locale , strtotime , strftime Replace the / characters with - and it will do the job: $_REQUEST['date'] = str_replace('/','-',$_REQUEST['date']); $date_1 = date('d F Y', strtotime($_REQUEST['date'])); setlocale (LC_TIME, 'de_DE'); $date_transl = strftime('%d %B %Y', strtotime($_REQUEST['date']));. setlocale(LC_ALL, 'german'); $timestamp = time(); $string = strftime('Heute ist %A, der %d. %B %Y. Sie haben diese Seite um %H Uhr %M aufgerufen.', $timestamp); # in english: today it's %A, the %d. %B. %Y. You opened this page at %H:%M. echo $string; Which works nice on my ISP's Server

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php.bugs: Req #69561 [Asn]: FPM access.log strftime locale ..

  1. strftime %P not working on Alpine Linux : 75324: 2017-10-06 01:39 UTC: Not modified: InterBase related: Bug: Open: 7.0.24: any: No provision for milliseconds in timestamps : 76378: 2018-05-25 16:17 UTC: 2018-05-25 18:44 UTC: Date/time related: Doc: Open: Irrelevant: CloudLinux 7.5 and Ubuntu 18.04: strftime format %p is not always uppercase.
  2. php strftime options, strftime (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) strftime — Format a local time/date according to locale settings. 'Z' => 'The time zone offset/abbreviation option NOT given by strftime — Format a local time/date according to locale settings iso-8859-1 charset even if you have all your system, files and configuration options in UTF-8
  3. > > I am scratching my head about the configuration/compile differences > between the working and non-working instances. It's not clear to me whether > the issue is with PHP compile/config setup, or operating system locale > differences, or something else entirely
  4. Es ist durchaus möglich, dass Ihre C-Bibliothek nicht alle angegebenen Formatierungszeichen erkennt. In diesem Fall werden diese Zeichen von der PHP-Funktion strftime() nicht unterstützt. (PHP 4, PHP 5) Beschreibung. Mit setlocale() kann man die Lokalisierungseinstellungen der angegebenen Kategorie (category) auf ein bestimmtes Land (locale) setzen

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  1. The STRFTIME() function returns a character string including a date or datetime string formatted according to <expC1>. The <expC1> string may include any of the format elements from the table below. The optional <expC2> is a date or datetime in string format. If <expC2> is not specified, the current system date and time are assumed
  2. Of course you have to change the nl_NL to your preferred language (fr_FR, de_DE pl_PL and so on). This is tested om MODx revo 2.1.5, but I guess it will also work for newer and older versions. If this don't work, then you have to create a snippet [ [!setlocale]] and put in this: setlocale (LC_ALL,'nl_NL.UTF-8')
  3. PHP offers a couple of ways to format a local time/date: date() and strftime().The first is possibly the most commonly used. date() offers many ways to format a date as well as providing useful formatting parameters for things like identifying a leap year.strftime() will format a local time/date according to locale settings so is useful when dealing with languages
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Strftime is a common PHP in the date-time acquisition function, will be stored in the database of the number converted to a function of time, here for you to introduce the use of strftime function and parameters, the need for friends can refer t I knew strftime was locale aware, but not that it took into account the 12/24 hour format. Good to know. You can check all the time formats for strftime here The strftime function formats the local time/date according to the locale setting. Grammar Strftime (format,timestamp) parameter description Format is optional. Specify how the results are returned. Timestamp optional. Tips and comments Hint: the same behavior as Gmstrftime (), and the difference is that the return time is local time. Exampl I already had this problem together with an incorrect working horizontal offset for GMENU! My system (SuSE 10.0 64Bit) with php5 (bundled gdlib). And this was the problem, the bundled gdlib in php (even in the newest version)

Php setlocale not working. PHP setlocale has no effect, Is is quite likely that the German locale is not installed on the server your Then you'll be allowed to set your language to these in PHP by using setlocale(. Here is how to proceed on ubuntu (this work on debian as well) : See PHP strftime doesn't work with Windows all the way, nore does Windows support UTF-8. So therefore we have a workaround for Windows that also transcodes the characters to UTF-8 if needed. This last part transcoding fails as PHP doesn't seem smart enough to figure out the byte encoding for what's output from strftime() on Windows

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strftime() method. The datetime object has strftime() method for formatting date objects into readable strings. Strftime() takes one parameter to specify the format of the returned string: #Get current date and time now = datetime.now() print(now.strftime(The current year is: %Y)) print(now.strftime(The current time is: %a, %d %m %Y) Php setlocale Return Values. Returns the new current locale, or FALSE if the locale functionality is not implemented on your platform, the specified locale does not exist or the. Definition and Usage. The setlocale() function sets locale information. Locale information is language, monetary, time and other information specific for a Strftime french python Python strftime() - datetime to string - Programi . The strftime method takes one or more format codes as an argument and returns a formatted string based on it. We imported datetime class from the datetime module. It's because the object of datetime class can access strftime method. The datetime object containing current date and time is stored in now variabl

Ivan Dimov. Ivan is a student of IT, a freelance web designer/developer and a tech writer. He deals with both front-end and back-end stuff. Whenever he is not in front of an Internet-enabled device he is probably reading a book or traveling I am scratching my head about the configuration/compile differences between the working and non-working instances. It's not clear to me whether the issue is with PHP compile/config setup, or operating system locale differences, or something else entirely. I am grateful for any advice or feedback. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your.

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Ask your php questions. A repository with all the questions regarding the php language. Laravel v8 set session locale not working (Valet) April 3, 2021 laravel, laravel-valet, locale, php, session. I am trying to set the locale of my application using a session variable but does not work Code: Select all. ru: any; ngOnInit () { this.ru = { firstDayOfWeek: 1, dayNames: [Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday], dayNamesShort: [Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat], dayNamesMin: [Sun,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa], monthNames: [.

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  1. Re: [Solved] UTF-8 locale-gen not working Specifically, see the parts about /etc/locale.gen and locale-gen in the wiki. I don't know if that's where the problem is, but as you've posted no information about those steps, I'm betting that is what was missed
  2. If you work on Linux do locale -a to list enabled locales. Next do sudo locale-gen id_ID.UTF-8 to install your locale and do sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales to publish it. Reboot your system (vagrant reload) and enjoy. David [EDIT] Thanks to @mauricehofman. setlocale(LC_TIME, 'nl_NL.utf8')
  3. Re: locale not working [SOLVED] Fonts working and how your locale is set have very little relation with each other. Did you actually install fonts that provide the required glyphs
  4. If input locale is not specified, Carbon::getLocale() is used instead. If output locale is not specified, en is used instead. You also can translate using the locale of the instance with: echo Carbon::now()->locale('fr')->translateTimeStringTo('mercredi 8 juillet + 3 jours', 'nl'); // woensdag 8 juli + 3 dage
  5. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested: Ext 4.0.7 Ext 4.1.0 RC3 Browser versions tested against: Chrome 18..1025.162 m DOCTYPE tested against
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#include <locale.h> // Function to convert a UnixTime value to a formatted string using time.h String getDateTimeString( long ut ) { time_t t = ut - UNIX_OFFSET; struct tm * tm = localtime(&t); char dts[22]; strftime(dts, sizeof(dts), %F - %T, tm); return dts;} void setup(void) { Serial.begin(57600); while (!Serial) { ; } long UnixTime = 1591107846 The default installation contains only a limited number of locales. You can generate the locales you need on your server from the command line. Login as root and execute: dpkg-reconfigure locales. choose the ones you need and press OK, next select the default locale for your server and press OK You may have more or less conversion specifiers available depending on your system's strftime() function where PHP was compiled. Check your system's manpage for a full list of valid specifiers. However, a few of the specifiers are emulated on Windows Pythom time method strftime () converts a tuple or struct_time representing a time as returned by gmtime () or localtime () to a string as specified by the format argument. If t is not provided, the current time as returned by localtime () is used. format must be a string. An exception ValueError is raised if any field in t is outside of the. STRFTIME. By Richard Felix and Chris Coyier. Live preview by Jake Moffatt. clear /-+,.: % tab. new line. space. Century %C20 in 2009. Year %ywithout century. Year %Ywith century. Month %m01..12. Month %bJan. Month %BJanuary. Week %V01..53. Week %WAssuming Monday First 00..53. Week %UAssuming Sunday First 00..53. Day %aMon. Day %AMonday. Day.

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